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Young CEO invents navigational technology for the blind

Twenty-two-year-old Khaled Shady is the Egyptian entrepreneur behind Mubser, an invention that assists the blind and visually impaired to identify and navigate around everyday...
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21-year-old Tanzanian talks about her soap manufacturing business

Twenty-one-year-old Domitila Silayo is the founder of Jatropha Soap Production in Tanzania, which produces handmade soap with medicinal uses. Domitila Silayo The idea of...
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How Cape Town-based Funda wants to change the way …

Just a few hours before I sat down for an interview with Kola Olajide, his company Funda signed a US$100,000 deal with a top...
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How Laetitia Mukungu started her own farming business at …

Laetitia Mukungu is not your average teenager.
Anzisha Team
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Malawi-based entrepreneur has big plans for property listing site …

Gonjetso Chinyama is a young entrepreneur based in Malawi. His advice to other budding entrepreneurs is to not be afraid of failure.
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